Monday, January 17, 2011

Words can not explain...

Really they can so here I go!

Day 1 was pretty iffy this morning I was so exhausted.  I forced myself to finish my first glass of water (2 cups) and after that I did pretty well.  I ate all my meals on time and more and more water I drank.  I was still pretty tired around lunch time but got a burst of energy around 2:00 which was perfect since I was set to head to the gym after work. 

The first day back to spinning was interesting.  I forgot when I stopped that I was still breaking in my shoes so it was an interesting ride but I was able to do 40 minutes which is a lot better than I ever imagined for my first day back.  I wore my heart rate mointor and wouldn't you know they didn't have meters on the bikes so not only was I unable to keep track of that I don't know how many miles I did.  Oh well!  burning 551calories felt wonderful and I can't stop dancing around singing, "My soul, My soul must sing.  My soul, My soul must sing."

Day 1 was better than I thought.  I'm definitely looking forward to tomorrow!

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